Incandescently, she grew up As the light, as the lamppost, That notices, Not only dogs, but flies, Not only wind, but dust, Not only light, but gloom. Incandescently, she grew up As the light, as the lamppost, All by herself, Like a lone owl, Like a heavy cloud, Like a silence loud. Incandescently, she grew […]



Those voices stabbed her By their words, Where each and every alphabet fibbed about her character. Oh the grief!   She was blamed for everything Everything she didn’t even know, The closest became the furthest and started tearing her apart. Oh the pity!   Those voices echoed in her mind Some sweet, some scary, Slut, […]



She wears the shimmering gold dress Studded with the arabian pearls She looks magnificent though Shadowing all the oceanic hurdles. She walks into her dreams When her veins carry her history She talks only of joys, not pains And her heart undercovers mystries. She does her cosmetics and costumes A mistake and the tides, she’ll […]

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Don’t stop. Just don’t. No matter how weak you are, no matter how broken and crushed and shattered and destroyed and frustrated you feel, just keep going. There’s no need of being ashamed of the time you’re going through. Believe that you’re strong and you can heal yourself. You can heal the time, the wounds, […]

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Shape poetry : Shape poetry is an arrangement of linguistic elements in which the typographical effect is more important in conveying meaning than verbal significance. It is sometimes referred to as visual poetry, a term that has now developed a distinct meaning of its own. For all the wine lovers out there! Cheers! 🍸 © […]

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हर बात की जल्दी भी है हमे….पर किस बात की?

कहाँ इतने मशगूल हैं हम ना ख़ुद के लिए फुर्सत है ना अपनो के लिए, कितने दिन हो गए अपनी कहानी लिखे कितने दिन बीत गए अपनी कविता सुनाए कुछ ना करके भी समय बीतता जाता है बैठे बैठे ही सूरज ढल जाता है हर बात की जल्दी भी है हमे पर किस बात की? […]

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